Thursday, September 17, 2009

Buddies and Bikes

We enjoyed meeting with our fifth grade buddies again today, as we shall each Thursday morning. I love this program for many reasons, the most selfish of which is the opportunity it gives me to be with my kindergartners from six years ago. They keep asking me to do an Archy show for them. But Archy gets shy....

Two kindergartners took their first rides on two wheels today, Alissa above, and

Sabreen, shown here at the very end of our time outside. It's always a big day when kids get up the courage to learn this skill, a skill that will last a lifetime. How come there's no California standard for this milestone???

As I get ready to turn in at night, I like to think about successes like these. It's things like this that make teaching so satisfying.



Anonymous said...

Kaden, being the 1st born, I thought he'd be 12 before he'd ride a bike. He learned in Kindergarten. Brenden learned a couple years before Kindergarten, of course. Finally realized that it's ok to let my children fall down, get bumps, scrapes and bruises. We survived those thing and they will too. One of the many great parts of Mr Gurney's classroom - riding & learning to ride a bike. Thank You!! =) Amy

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Amy--thanks for commenting again. Bumps and bruises are an important part of life, as long as the fear of them doesn't keep you from giving fun things a try, like riding bikes. I'm mostly an encourager and a spectator in regard to kids learning to ride on two wheels. They do the learning; I just offer a pointer here and there, plus a little cheering.