Monday, August 31, 2009

Potato Heads and Bikes

We started the day off with an assembly. After the assembly we worked on learning the Pledge of Allegiance a bit better, though I was surprised how many kindergartners already know it. Back in the day when Spanish was offered to kindergartners they learned it in Spanish, too. My hunch is we could teach it to them in Urdu and it would have about as much meaning for them. But many of them have it down in English. I guess they say the Pledge in preschools....

After the assembly we went back to the room for a drawing lesson. I showed the class a print of one of my brother's paintings, a fantasy image of a boy flying over New York City on a book.

My brother says I was his first art teacher. So, if your child would like to grow up to be an artist, you've got him or her in the right kindergarten.

We drew pictures of turtles. They're up on the wall in front of the room. One scholar decided to see if he could get away with an unmarked paper for his turtle, and when we reminded him that not trying won't work, he produced a drawing. We have some skillful artists in the class. Justin, Jacob, and Shelby's work stand out as I remember what they drew.

There was time to play inside and the potato heads you see below caught my fancy.

Clean up went really well. We finished with seconds to spare. Closing the cardboard blocks for a day was definitely motivating the class to try much harder.

What else? Shelby brought in bagels cream cheese and oranges. A few kindergartners tried sliced orange for what seemed to be the first time, if not in their whole lives, well, then, in a very long time. And they liked them.

And we went out riding. I caught four riders of two-wheeler machines on camera.





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