Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gettin' Ready

I visited the school yesterday to finish cleaning up the room in preparation for school beginning next Wednesday. The janitor had just finished cleaning the carpets and flooring. That's my green light to move the furniture back in place.

I noticed that the mats were a bit grungy after the party on the last day of school in June.

So I took them outside and gave them a good scrubbing. As I scrubbed off the old names, stains, and gunk I thought about how all those kids will be first graders next year and their memories of kindergarten will begin to fade.

I thought about how it would feel to be five years old on the first day of school and see a blotch of juice or something on the mat where you were sitting. Thoughts like that got me scrubbing extra hard to get the squares as clean as I could, given their age.

The sun was warm. The squares dried quickly in the sun.

And I put the pieces together like a puzzle ready for the new year.


Lisa said...

It's great to see the room ready for a class full of new faces! It's hard to believe that just last year I was getting ready to be a student teacher in your class. I enjoy reading your blog; it also helps me stay connected to Dunham. I wish you a successful school year!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm sure we will see you around school this'll get sub jobs, no doubt. Stay connected. The room's almost ready. I'll probably go in once this weekend and then we have parts of Monday and Tuesday before things get going on Wednesday.

dtarca said...

The room looks great. Before long it will be filled with eager faces (kids & parents!).