Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday--P.E. & Group Photo

Ms. Campbell led us in three physical education activities: an obstacle course which she led; a tumbling activity led by Mrs. Frech; and soccer drills led by yours truly.

We started off with stretching and warm-ups, as all good P.E. lessons do.

I snapped this photo of Colton and Justin who were soccer stand-outs.

But everyone took part!

Later there was some fancy work with the parquetry blocks. Sam was proud of his work!

Just before dismissal we gathered for a group photo.
I took this one in large format,
so if you click on it you'll see it up close.


dtarca said...

Good looking class. This is certainly the year for girls in Kindergarten! Seems like it's been boys for the past few...Have fun. They'll love comparing this pic with end of the year ones!

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Debbie. It looks like it will be a fantastic year.

Lynola, K teacher said...

What kind of mat or frame are you using under the pattern blocks?

Dan Gurney said...

It's a simple piece of masonite board (any board would do) covered with black wool felt and held in place by masking tape. Even though they were super simple to make, I think they've lasted 20 years.

Kerri Petersen said...

This is a great photo! Thank you for all of your photos.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Kerri— You're welcome. And thank you for posting a comment.