Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day Reminders

Hello, and Welcome to Dunham School’s Kindergarten.

Three items of note:

1. Dismissal at 1:00
Tomorrow is the first day of school. Because school starts on a Wednesday, dismissal will be after lunch—at 1:00. (On other days, kindergarten dismisses at 11:45.)

2. Pack a Lunch
Please be sure to pack a lunch for your child to enjoy on the first day of school. Include a healthy snack to be eaten in the middle of the morning.

3. Pick up is Inside the Room
For their safety, kindergarten students will be dismissed only from inside the kindergarten room on this potentially confusing first day of school. I encourage you to arrive a little bit earlier than 1:00 and park your car before the lot fills up, Come as early as 12:45 to avoid the rush. You must come inside the room to get your child.

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