Saturday, August 1, 2009

Feel-Good Teacher Movie

The real deal: Erin Gruwell

Last night my wife and I watched Freedom Writers, (<- that link has a trailer) the movie based on Erin Gruwell's high school English classroom in Long Beach, California.

I'm not going to review the movie except to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend it especially to teachers at the end of summer. It gave me a boost to see a story of another member of this noble profession who built a caring connection with her students.

Hillary Swank did a great job in the lead role and I was enchanted by the unknown actors who play the students in her class. They were great.

As with most Hollywood movies, it would be possible to find all sorts of faults and shortcomings. Her colleagues were not presented in the best light, that's for sure, but to be a critic of a movie like this would be counter-productively grumpy.

This is a movie to enjoy and make you feel good about being a teacher.

If you haven't seen it, go out and rent a copy. You might need a handkerchief.

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