Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leopards, Etc.

Rob and Barbara Dicely came to Dunham School this afternoon with some of their wild cats to educate us about the needs and habits of some of the wild cats around the world.

I've known Rob for a long time, from a time before he did cat shows.

You can learn more about his enterprise at their website:

Kgosi, a rare King Cheetah

Nkuru, a Serval, hunts mice.
This one uses its left paw to retrieve
a piece of chicken from a plexiglass cylinder
that Rob calls his "portable mouse hole.

Nkuru can leap high in the air to catch birds.

Moremi, a Caracal, born last October.
Caracals are wild cats of the dry African savanna

The oldest cat they showed today was a 15 year-old Siberian Lynx named Oksana.
Barb does the presentations; Rob handles the cats.

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James Gurney said...

What a great experience to see these big cats up close.