Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boomerang Homework

Someone out there on the web who scours the Internet looking for posts on homework sometimes stops by this blog.She cautions me that homework is inexorably negative. Maybe she will stop by tonight and leave a comment.

As you know, homework in this neck of the woods is truly optional. I don't know how many kids to their homework, maybe two-thirds of them or so, depending on whether it's interesting, or they're busy, whatever.

About half of the class did last night's homework on boomerangs. We flew them during choice time. What fun!
Alex made a boomerang that didn't come back, but it flew great—all the way across the playground. From the kindergarten door he could fling it to the garden fence. It would fly low over the ground and then start to climb just high enough to clear the handball wall, disappearing on the back side of it. So cool.

Alex with his long-range rang.
His dad said they added weight to make it fly farther.
Alex tends to put in enough effort on his homework to make it really
worth having a good look at it. Ziyad seems to think so, too.

Other students made boomerangs that circled back. Jack B. made one that I repeated flung into the air, and, without moving my feet, was able to catch on its return trip to my hand. Amazing.

David holding Jack's super-returning rang.

At the end of the day, my KIDS club kids demanded EXTRA homework. That was a first. And what kind of homework do you think they wanted me to give them? Exactly the kind of homework I would not expect them to ask for: math worksheets. Go figure.

Kids in older grades sometimes tell me that they loved kindergarten homework. I think its being optional and interactive might have something to do with their affection for it.


Lynola said...

Do you have a list of homework projects/assignments you give to your students throughout the year?

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Lynola,

I have a binder of them. It's sort of a collection that changes over time, a personal resource. It's not all figured out, just a place I keep things in and browse around looking for something to send home. My homework philosophy is that it should connect the students with their families. It's interactive.

dtarca said...

As the mom of one of those KIDS Clubbers that took home the extra Math homework I can tell you Nicky was thrilled to not only DO IT but to show his older brother what he was doing. Older bro was suitably impressed! Even more so by the fact that Nicky knew all the answers. In fact the two did it together. It was sweet...And completely enjoyable! Yes...I took pictures...

Dan Gurney said...

Debra, e-mail me the photos, and I'll try to add them to this post. Thanks for chiming in.