Monday, March 16, 2009

Thought for the Day

I lifted this poem from Pal Alden's blog, Stream of Consciousness. He didn't write it; he found it on the internet and passed it along, same as me. This may be a useful parents whose kids aren't all grown up yet, as Pal's and mine are.


If I had my children to raise all over again,

I'd finger-paint more, and point the fingers less.

I would do less correcting and more connecting.

I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

I would care to know less and know to care more.

I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.

I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.

I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.

I'd do more hugging and less tugging.

I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.

I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.

I'd teach less about the love of power,

And more about the power of love.


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a wonderful piece. It's my son't 24th birthday today and how I wish that I had fingerpainted more.
Awesome post!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, Reggie Girl! I'm glad you liked it.