Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trey's Best Day

The seasonal creek behind our school had been dry all winter. I'm not sure the students believed me when I told them that water runs in it after a good rain. Finally, about two and a half months behind schedule, a wet storm has passed over California and the stream behind the school has come to life.

We in KIDS club finished up our DIBELS assessments in time to pay the creek a quick visit this afternoon.

Just as I did when I was a boy, kindergartners enjoy tossing a stick or a pine cone into the stream and watching it float downstream. Sticks running rapids is a source of real interest and satisfaction for boys.

Recent rains in Northern California have finally put some brown running water in our creeks.

There's also a vernal pool up the hill that fills with water after a heavy rain. We visited it, dragging sticks and carrying pine cones along with us.

The boys were delighted to see water in a pool that just last week had been so dry that we could stood on its floor.

One by one, they all threw their pine cones and sticks in.

The first pine cone is in the water.

Poor Trey! As soon as he saw his stick float in the center of the pond, he wanted it back.

It was well out of reach. Chris had thrown his stick where I could retrieve it from shore. We used Chris's stick to retrieve David's stick, the longest we had. With David's stick we were able to snag Trey's stick and coax it back to shore. The boys were pleased with our teamwork. Trey got his stick back.

Trey was clearly delighted. The chain of favors seemed endlessly long to him. He shuddered at the thought of it. So many of his friends worked to get his stick back for him.

His face flushed with pleasure and he said, with conviction, "This is the best day of my life!"

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