Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Some years ago while on a West Coast book tour, my brother Jim stopped by my school to do a presentation on the life of the artist. He captivated that audience of young children (now all grown up) with a demonstration of his sketching skills. I don't know anything that holds an audience of young children more firmly than a drawing emerging from the pen of a skilled artist.

I ran across the drawing the other day and push-pinned it to the wall.

A day or so later, kindergartner Jack S. left this drawing on my desk:

I'm encouraging Jack to draw, draw, draw. I let the principal know about Jack's work, and she has joined me in celebrating his work and his talent. And his mom and grandma are part of his cheering squad, too.

Jack's work shows enormous promise. I should know. My memory stretches back 45 years to a time when Jim Gurney discovered his talent for drawing in kindergarten.

Jack's got similar ability.

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