Monday, January 26, 2009

Ms. Brice's First Full Day

The students listened intently to hear her story.

Today was Ms. Brice's first full day of her student teaching placement in the kindergarten. For the first part of the morning she observed the old guy with gray hair teach the class. But before the morning was done she was running a part of the morning. She read the students a story masterfully, as she's worked for Copperfield's Books and has read stories in that job. After story time, Ms. Brice involved a large group of children stringing beads.

Stringing beads. Lots of boys were interested.

While she was doing that, I took a group of students outside to patrol the playground for bits of garbage. Ziyad and Luke helped the most. Their concentration and commitment to the work lasted for 25 minutes and resulted in the removal of the littlest scrap of litter.

More than 100 pieces were collected.

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