Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heidi Sings

Sunday morning I had the pleasure of seeing another of Heidi Butkus’s presentations at the California Kindergarten Association Conference held this weekend in Santa Clara.

Sunday’s seminar focussed on teaching the letters of the alphabet in a multi-sensory way. As with the spelling DVDs with which my classroom is already familiar, Heidi has taken the melodies from familiar songs and has written new lyrics to teach content young children must learn in school. This new DVD teaches the names, sounds, and describe the shape of the letters A to Z.

As she discusses at the opening of her seminars, Heidi’s multi-sensory approach helps her lessons “get through” even if a learning disability might block one or another of the sensory/neural pathways. With Heidi, children sing with their voices, move their bodies, see the image on the DVD, and hear the song.

Heidi’s presentations are captivating, fast-paced, and chock full of useful and usable information that will help even gray-haired teachers like me notch it up a bit.

I bought her new DVD and will use it with students who need to learn the last of the letters in the alphabet.


James Gurney said...

Heidi Butkus's approach to teaching and doing presentations is very intriguing, but when I did a YouTube search I just got Dick Butkus, the football player. Do you have some links so we can learn more about her?

Mr. Kinder said...

Yes, here's the link to her website. There's a YouTube video on its front page that gives you a great idea of what she's up to.


Coachdad said...

Great comment on my page. Thank you. I agree with everything you said. Let's hope he can do it.

Mr. Kinder said...

Coachdad, you're welcome. Thanks for leaving a comment here.

Heidi Butkus said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments, Dan! You are an inspiration to me. I really appreciated all of your encouragement last weekend, too.

Lucky you- you don't have to run a business anymore! Was it hard to let it go?
PS. I hate accounting. :(

Mr. Kinder said...

Heidi, I still have the business, but it's offline; customers have to mail in order forms. It helps keep the business small and very manageable. Was it hard to let go? Not at all! I'm MUCH happier this way. I have a life again. And, like you, I never liked the book keeping aspect.