Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday's Doings

We were a bit short-handed Friday, so the VoiceBox center ran as a semi-independent learning station. It went so well, I'm planning a way to make it almost fully independent. This is called learning from experience. After 28 years, I'm still finding better ways to do what I do.

A useful application of counting. How many blocks in Rylee's stack? 22. She counted them.

With fifth grade buddies, we went down to the creek and found this mysterious heap of sticks.

Dash got the idea of jumping off a cliff. This is the sort of thing I would have permitted early in my career (Why not? Looks like fun.); not allowed in my middle career (too dangerous!); and now, late in my career, permit but monitor (not too dangerous if supervised a little and lots of fun).

There were probably 100 jumps. Fifth graders took the leap, too. No one got hurt.


James Gurney said...

That's interesting about how you deal with fun but slightly risky adventures. Some of the most memorable experiences and the ones that make you grow are in the category of slightly risky—like the time you launched me in a small sailboat and told me to sail back. You knew I could do it, and I could, but you had to take the chance of pushing me off. I still have happy memories of the trust and confidence that grew from that moment.

Mr. Kinder said...

Hi, Jim,

Thanks for chiming in. Risk is an underrated component of growth.

Alden said...

I couldn't agree more regarding risk being a component of growth - wrapping children up in cotton wool because we are afraid they will get hurt does them no favors in the long run - risk is integral to life - we use our intelligence and manage the risk - and incidentally, there is a growing movement back to a more realistic attitude to the so called risky activities by children in schools.