Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Clayton's Got the Soundabet! And other doings

Today Clayton went home with a deck of Queen's Cards to learn. He showed Cindy in the daycare that he knew all the Soundabet and so he's "in the club" as we say.

After learning centers this morning we had about 15 minutes of time to play with Zoobs, blocks, and puzzles, like kindergartens of yesteryear.

Some photos of kids doing their own kid play:

Luke and Jack B.'s tower.

Zoobs as handfree mics.

Aye! Aye! Sir!

Miguel's mansion.

Chris made a robot.


James Gurney said...

We love those wooden blocks. We bought ours at the Hutterite community in Rifton, New York where they made them. Zoobs came in a little too late for our kids to enjoy them. What other construction sets do you find works with your K students?

Mr. Kinder said...

The wood blocks are the supreme constuction set. Zoobs and Legos are longtime favorites. I've tried many other sets, but none seem to have the lasting power of these three.

Lynola said...

Where did you buy your zoobs and also the blue mats? I see names written on them. Is that washable or do you buy new mats every year?

Mr. Kinder said...

I got the Zoobs at our locally owned Sebastopol toy store. I'll bet they can be purchased online. I'm not much of a shopper, so I leave it to others who have that interest/talent.

The mat you see is in (I think) its 4th year of service. I used washable ink marking pens for the names and they come right off with a wet sponge. The mat is really great. If a kid barfs on it, you just peel up the squares that need washing and hose them off, scrub em up, let them dry and replace. It's so easy.