Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ben, Jack B., Jack S., Nicky, Rebecca, S.B, & Ziyad.

The students pictured below achieved a new milestone along the path to reading today, January 6, 2009. In addition to those pictured here on the blog, another student, S.B., also achieved an important milestone. I guess the stars are aligned. Does the earth being at perihelion last Sunday have something to do with it?

I cannot remember ever seeing seven students pass seven milestones on the same day. I don't think it's ever happened before. Cindy in daycare helped. She was going over the Soundabet with students during their lunch break. Cindy's working the daycare. She wants to be a teacher someday. She helped Trey along like magic, too. He's almost there.

Ben's got his King's cards down.

Jack B. know all the King's and Queen's cards and can read the 41 Soundabet sight words, too.

Jack S. knows his King's cards.

Nicky, too!

Rebecca knows her Queen's cards.

Ziyad knows his Queen's cards.

This is the sort of day you dream about having when you're thinking about becoming a teacher. Days of this much success don't come all that often, but when they do, man, teaching can be a real joy.

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