Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Plans

My 24-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, is getting married to Andrew in a little over a year. She wants an intimate and elegant wedding. Now is not too early for us to begin planning and preparing for what surely is one of life's most important days.

Selecting a site is the first order of business. That's how we spent the day.

We liked the headlands outside the Golden Gate best so far.

(Planning a fancy wedding is especially fun for us—Sarah and me—as we got married in 1974 when the whole institution of marriage was, in the Bay Area at least, decidedly unfashionable. We got married in ordinary on-hand clothes on Angel Island. It was a simple picnic featuring Pinot Noir wines and Fisherman's Wharf bread, and fresh freestone peaches. We vowed to be truthful and loving to ourselves, each other, and to the earth. Good vows, ones I renew each day. Those vow renewals have helped our marriage last for 34 years.)

The three of us (Lizzy, Sarah, and I) spent a most pleasant day today reconnoitering possible locations for her wedding. She wants to have an outdoor wedding, so we scouted the places that the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Golden Gate Park websites identify as wedding locations.

Lizzy in Golden Gate Park

We repaired to Green's Restaurant for a lovely vegetarian dinner at dusk.
Yummy! The tea was a Silver Needle oolong.

There is, of course, a lot more to do. Tomorrow Lizzy and Sarah are driving into the Bay Area so Lizzy can try on wedding gowns.


Culmom37 said...

What an awesome day you three had! Congratulations to Lizzy on her engagement. I hope it turns out to be a special day for her and everyone involved.

Happy planning!!!!

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Hi, Culmom! Nice to hear from you again. I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful winter holiday. Say hello to C and B!