Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Disappointing Viewing Conditions

I had hoped to see the moon, Venus, and Jupiter in close proximity in last night's sky, but, alas, here in Sebastopol a blanket of fog spread across the skies just at sunset. It was thick enough to obscure the view.

I hope that these unfavorable conditions were very local and that where ever you were it was possible to enjoy the rare conjunction of bright night sky citizens.

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Earl and Vickie said...

Conditions are good for a couple of days so maybe you will still get a chance. We saw them driving back from Colorado, and they were very visible, and that was Sunday. Last night they weren't in position yet to have the smiley face you were talking about. But the moon moves faster across the sky, and if we had gone out a little later, the moon should have been in a better position.