Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Best Thing about DIBELS assessments...

The best thing about DIBELS assessments is that I have to administer them to one child at a time. That means that I must find activities that keep other pupils occupied while I'm testing.

Blocks are one activity that I can count on to hold their attention. Look at the nice tower that a group of students made while I wasn't looking.

The only problem with towers like these is that knocking them down can be quite disconcerting to a child who feels they had a hand in building (but not knocking down) the building.

My digital camera to the rescue. I pull it out from my bag and tell them I want to get a picture of the tower coming down. Everyone gets a small block and tosses it lightly into the tower. With luck I get a picture of the blocks on their way to the floor:

Everyone wants to see if the picture I snapped caught the action.

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