Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Photos

To begin with, thank you to our room mother, Tonya Bello, who suggested this trip, to all the drivers who made this trip possible and to Mrs. Frech who did a lot of the legwork.

Soon after we got there the kids ran through an elaborate hay maze.

We settled down at the base of a pyramid for an orientation.

And we climbed to the top of a nearby pyramid.

Baby animals were on display at the farm.

Why I pass on bacon.

We got to ride on a cart pulled by a tractor to the pumpkin field.

We dug for potatoes.

Each farmer bagged four potatoes.

Kids milked Jessie, a Jersey cow whose milk makes good cheese.

Scaling the highest pyramid on the farm.

Pumpkin ice cream awaited us at the end of our day on the farm.

And how could we resist? One last run through the maze.


debrennersmith said...

They will still write responses to these wonderful pictures next Spring!

Debbie T. said...

Nicky had such a great time. I was gone for the weekend so he reminded me that we needed to "cook that potato!" as soon as I came home. He was very proud of his pickin's!

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Yes, it was a fantastic field trip. As compared to the weather we're going to have 1 week later, I have to say we lucked out on the fine day we had.