Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Math Homework for Friday, October 3

During math on Friday part of the activities will be discussing the activity shown above from page 12 of the Mathematics at Home book sent home earlier.

I encourage you to use coins as counters for this activity. You can ask your child to sort the coins so that only one kind of coin goes into an egg carton cup. At this point in kindergarten, we're mainly interested in helping students learn to correctly identify the most common coins reliably: penny, nickel, dime, quarter. We'll talk about their relative values later in the year.

Having said that, be sure also to use other items as suggested in the book: macaroni noodles, beans, buttons, paper clips, etc. We want them to understand the "fourness of four" and doing this activity with many different objects will help your child understand the idea of number (number sense) from their specific experiences with number.

Finally, I hope you'll also do the activities on page 13. If you follow baseball, the playoffs that are happening this month are a good opportunity to talk about numbers.

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