Monday, September 8, 2008

Yellow Jacket School

Eric from Marin-Sonoma Mosquito Abatement came to our class this morning to teach us about yellow jackets.

Eric arrived in his bee keeper's suit.
He showed us how it protects him from being stung.

He's explaining the foods that attract yellow jackets.

Eric was a skillful and obviously experienced presenter to young children. He imparted quite a lot of information, but not too much and was able to get it across to the five year old mind.

He brought this wasps' nest in a plexiglass display box.

I learned a lot, too. I did not know, for example, that the yellow jackets that cause people problems are only the kind that nest in the ground.

Wasps that make aerial nests (off the ground in trees and under eaves
and so on) are not aggressive towards humans. Aerial nesting wasps feed on insects, not picnics. The Marin-Sonoma abatement agency does not remove these nests because they actually benefit us by eating mosquitos and other pesky flying critters. As long as they don't next too close places where people pass by, we should let them be. I've got a few nests like this in my back yard. I'm glad to know I can leave them alone.

Another thing I learned is that the class has not really learned the difference between raising hands with questions versus raising hands to tell a story. We worked on that distinction a good bit the rest of the day.

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Culmom37 said...

Although no longer in kindergarten, Belle came home with all sorts of information regarding Yellow Jackets. She was very intrigued regarding the bees nesting in the ground as well! She really enjoyed the presentation in the 1st grade classroom.