Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If a Mouse Can Write

Racky is about to write the number 14 to add to our number line.
Today was the 14th day of kindergarten.

Early in kindergarten I model writing using puppets.

So far I've been showing the classs how to write numerals with the help of my puppet friends. Archy usually does this work, but he felt bad because he didn't get to have his picture taken by the school photographer. His friend, Racky, pictured, filled in for him.

The puppets GO SLOWLY AND PAY ATTENTION so that their work is satisfying to them. They always do a fine job since they're not hurrying. It might take a puppet 60 seconds or more to write 14. This gives us plenty of time to talk about how the numbers are written and to predict each stroke of the pen before he's done it. There is an added bonus, too, in pressing puppets into service of teaching. They teach an implied lesson: If a mouse can write, so can a five year old kid. Just go slowly and pay attention.

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