Monday, September 22, 2008

First Soundabet VoiceBox Books

At table time the kindergartners are making their first Soundabet VoiceBox books.

Here's Luke checking his page against the model page I display for self correction.

The first one features words ending with the "AT" sound. All words are glued using uppercase letters. These books offer no illustrations: the only clue to the words are the sounds glued down.

Each book will feature ONLY ONE VOWEL SOUND, and this feature makes all the difference. (It's the vowels in English that are particularly challenging to learn because vowels don't behave themselves very well.) The words in this week's books are: BAT, CAT, FAT, HAT, RAT, SAT, and THAT. Future books will not hold the word ending stable as these first books do. That is, they will become harder than "word family" books. But not too much harder.

Because we're gluing, not writing, the letters, students don't need good fine-motor control to do a very good job.

I send the books home the same day they're put together. The idea is that you can use them to practice at home. Many students can read most of the words by the time they're putting the glue away. But between the time they get finished gluing at school and the time they read the book to the family after dinner, they're likely to forget what they knew in the morning. Please offer enough assistance in reading these books that there's no chance of failure.

Jack B has just finished gluing page 2 of his book.
Later, when we finished the books Jack read his book to his mom who stayed to this morning in our class. So did Ziyad whose hand appear on the left side of this picture.
Sounding out words 23 days into kindergarten.
I'd have said it was impossible twenty years ago!

Please collect these books. We'll make more than a dozen of them. They provide good practice with the Soundabet, especially later as we get into the actual Soundabet sounds like "ou" and "sh" and so on.

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