Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monkey Bars

Hanging from bars comes pretty naturally for most young children. It feels good, the stretch that gravity gives your arms and shoulders as you hang from your hands. Give kids the opportunity, and they'll swing with almost as much joy as monkeys.

Getting across the high monkey bars at our school is no easy feat for most kindergartners. I know for sure that I could not have done it, even by the end of kindergarten. The bars are too high, too long for most.

But on the second day of school Nicky proudly told me he could do it, so I grabbed my camera and took his picture.

He's the first this year to do it.

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dtarca said...

Ahh...thanks for taking this picture. Nicky felt very proud sharing this moment with us and happy that you took the time to post. In his words..."Kindergarten is awesome"!