Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Internet Fast

Since June 22 we've been without internet service at our house. We think that the DSL modem went kaput. We signed on with a new provider who won't get out to install service until tomorrow. For 17 days we've been without online service at home.

(Well, in the interest of full disclosure, we don't have our OWN service. Some good soul in our neighborhood left off the password for their wireless network and their omission allows interlopers to sneak aboard their network. My computer-savvy son figured this out.) This purloined reception is available only at the end where Ted is staying, but the signal is weak and cuts out regularly. It's actually pretty frustrating to use.

The rest of the house, all of it, is internet dead. To go online has meant to go to the local cafe with free Wifi service. This is how I've managed to be online and blog since June 22. I've enjoyed these trips. I get to write on my student level iBook laptop. I pretend I'm some sort of intellectual, maybe a novelist working on his manuscript. Mostly, I'm just checking email and blogging. Having to do this has drawn a boundary of intention around my internet use. It's like confining a puppy that's not been housetrained to the side yard. The house is more peaceful.

In the beginning I had some trepidation about being off line at home. Not being able to check my email box four or five times a day took some getting used to. No surfing. No online shopping. No weather reports. No tide charts. Oh my!

After a three day withdrawal period, however, I began to truly enjoy this internet fast. It had been a long, LONG time since I've been at home without internet. I found myself not wanting to read a paper, turn on the radio, even listen to music. (TV we've done without from the beginning.) In the whole period we've seen one DVD on my computer, an African movie that Ted chose called Bamako.

Instead of watching a DVD a week, I've read more. Instead of music on the radio or iPod, birds have sung, just as they always have. Not so much email, but we got a real postcard from Liz.

Life in the slow lane is more than it's cracked up to be.

And an Internet fast beats a fast internet.

I've been thinking about canceling the installation appointment, but I'm not sure I've got the guts.

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Culmom37 said...

I also love checking my email numerous times throughout the day. I love to browse the internet and just "surf". An Internet Fast would be difficult for me.

When school ended I went on a trip for 4 days and when I returned home I had over 100 emails sitting in my inbox!!!! Yes, most of them were junk but not all. In fact some of them were very important.
During a normal day, I typically don't even turn on the TV, but rather log on to my computer at various times.

The telephone has become less commonplace. Most conversations these days happen via email. The ease of writing a message and sending it to the receiver and letting them respond at their convenience is very appealing.

I don't have a laptop so not having any internet service would be very difficult for me. Many of my messages for soccer games and such come via email. Also, I LOVE the convenience of getting information of anything at anytime!