Sunday, July 20, 2008

Focus on Kindergarten

From this point forward, Mr. Kindergarten will focus much more specifically on the kindergarten classroom activities.

It will be of interest mainly to parents in my room and to other kindergarten teachers.

My off topic posts will not appear here. For those, you'll have to link over to my other blog.


Culmom37 said...

I feel like this is Good-bye!!!!

cryogenetics said...

So many transitions, life can be hard with transitions, you take them so well Dan! I too feel like this is goodbye, even through the summer I check daily to see what you have posted-yours is the only blog I read. Can you post your other blog site so I can book mark it. We are on to first grade now, I will miss the Mr. Kindergarden Blog!!!!!!

cryogenetics said...

Found it, Mindful Heart. In case anyone else would like to bookmark it.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Yep, Mindful Heart is the other blog. You can find it by going to my profile.

The "holiday" from the internet and the silent retreat which provided full refuge from everything, even cell phones, has had a really strong lingering effect on me.

I enjoy spending more time away from all the electronics.