Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10 Good Things About $4 Gasoline

There's an article online from Time Magazine written by Amanda Ripley by this title. You might think there is nothing to like about $4 gasoline, but she finds 10. You probably won't agree with all 10. I'd put them in a different order, starting with #4 on top.

The point here is to consider the bright side of what is

Her list includes:

1. Global Jobs Return Home
2. Sprawl Stops
3. Four-Day Work Week
4. Less Pollution
5. More Frugality
6. Fewer Traffic Deaths
7. Cheaper Insurance
8. Less Traffic
9. More Cops on the Beat
10. Less Obesity

You can read all about it here: Link

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James Gurney said...

11. More reason to ride a bicycle.
12. More reason to gang errands.
13. More reason to carpool with a friend.
14. More sympathy for Europeans who have been paying $4. for ten years.
15. Less traffic noise.