Monday, June 23, 2008

Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter died June 20. Tom was a great man whose loving heart touched many many lives.

Tom was wise. He found profound truths in ordinary events. And he used ordinary language to talk about the deepest wisdom. He was a minister and a minstrel. He started KGO radio's Sunday "God Talk" program that is hosted by Bernie Ward these days.

I first met Tom at the California Kindergarten Association's annual conference. He and Bev Bos and Michael Leeman sang for us at the dinner concert. From Tom I learned a song, "I See the Moon" which I love to sing in class.

I got to know Tom much better last fall at a Bev Bos weekend workshop called Good Stuff for Kids. During the weekend and especially over a meal we shared, we learned that we have a great deal in common. We could have finished each other's sentences. At the end of the meal Tom said, "Every conference I go to I meet someone special, someone who, for me is the highlight of the event. Meeting you is that highlight for me this time." I felt honored by him. Later he gave me his book of essays, "Visits to the Heart of Education: Remembering What's Important." Tom was like that: wise, generous, funny.

Tom believed that educating the heart is more important than filling the mind.

He believed that a really good way to reach children is by singing to them and listening to them, deeply.

Tom encouraged children to invent verses to a song. I learned to do that more, thanks to Tom.

Tom touched many lives, mine, too, for the better. I will miss him.

You can read more about Tom here, Link.

There's another blog written by his wife and kids about his fatal illness. If you've got a kleenex, you can go here, Link. Their love for their dad is really evident.

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Culmom37 said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. What a true inspiration he was for many by blessing them in their hearts before their minds. Tom will always live on based on all those he has touched. Thank you for sharing the link about this special man. He will be missed. My heart goes out to his family.