Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We opened last weekend's Board Meeting for the California Kindergarten Conference by sharing a favorite poem.

I shared the one below, written by a friend of mine, Raphael Block, whom I met some years ago when he attended one of my Soundabet seminars. Raphael is a single widowed father of a daughter who's headed off to college this fall. His poem is a splendid expression of the feelings that arise when you see your children grow up and out of your house.

By the way, I've mentioned to Raphael that he might consider starting a blog as has another poet friend of mine, Jim Wilson, as a means of publishing his work. I encourage you to leave a comment about his poem if you feel the least bit moved to do so.

So, without further introduction, here's Lasagna:

By Raphael Block

Sounds of hooting laughter
spill up the path,
high pitched yelps
of delight issue
from my daughter's mouth
as he chases her
towards the house.

Chatter and banter
fill the kitchen,
overflow the rooms,
as they cook, tease, and joke,
following the recipe steps:
1. Mince onion - “How?”
“What size do they mean?”
2. Dry the spinach -
“With what?”

Resting in an easy chair,
I'm tickled to overhear
and catch sight,
reflected in a window,
a tender kiss,
love's flowering

This time around
I am but a witness,
yet my delight,
once father's mask is cast aside,
is as great as was my own
first love, and all
I can do is wish them
well on their heart's journey.


Katherine said...

Yes! Start a blog Raphael! Lovely poem. But not just poetry - pics, thoughts, philosophy too.

Lindsay said...

A sweet and wistful poem! Yes, start a blog. It's wonderful. But find a writers community on line to get involved in too. Makes blogging more fun.