Sunday, June 1, 2008

Floor Puzzles


Hailey, Kiyana, Sierra, and Belle put this one together.

One way to evaluate any pedagogical activity is to pay attention to its social dimension.

I particularly like fl0or puzzles because they naturally promote collaboration among students.

Put a group of three or four kindergarten students to work on a 48-piece puzzle, and quite naturally they'll work together, learn from each other, and take delight in each other's successes.

Sure, much could be said about the educational value to be found in the visual discrimination of curved lines, the physical manipulation of shapes, the recognition of form and color, not to mention the often didactic content one often finds in the image of the puzzle itself.

But for me—and, I suspect—for the students, satisfying social interactions make floor puzzles worthwhile.

Trey, Henry, Daven, David, and Blaine pose after getting this one together.

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Culmom37 said...

What a great picture! A lesson in teamwork is always a valuable lesson in any age.

I would be willing to bet there are many ADULTS who could easily benefit from a lesson of working on a floor puzzle with their "teammates/coworkers"!!!!