Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Old-Fashioned Car Wash

My van had been really dirty. (I was saving it up for this.)
Note the zoris on Madison. I bought the kindergarten four pairs for this center.

We're in our last round of centers. The last round includes washing cars, an old-fashioned family activity that is getting eclipsed by all the automatic car wash places you see all over town these days. They do a good job, (the automatic car washes) sometimes for free—well, free with a fill up.

Best of all, I'm told, automatic car wash facilities recycle the water they use and send the "used" water to the local water treatment facility. I don't know if any of that's actually true. But that's what I've been told.

I count myself among those who think about the eco-consequences of what I do. Washing the car in the street the old fashioned way can easily pollute the water downstream with untreated car wash water. Storm sewers send water straight to the fish in your local stream, lake, bay, or ocean!

Don't forget that mirror!

But there is a solution: vinegar! Vinegar makes a fantastic car washing agent. Mix a cup or so of vinegar in your bucket and have at it. No suds, and holy gingersnaps! the dirt falls off the car. And I don't think vinegar is too toxic pour les poissons downstream.

I put vinegar on my salad, after all.


Katherine said...

Bravo Monsieur! Vinegre aussi est tres bon pour les fenetres et les mirrors a la maison. Et pour le most part je uses l'eau pour tout les cleaning. Avec les microfibré cloths. (Regardez mon premier post) (mais ne regardez pas mon appalling French) :o)
Merci pour votre tres comment å " Le Last Visible Dog".

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

You're welcome! Thanks for linking to Mr. K on your blog.

I enjoy seeing something of New Zealand on your blog. (I've always had an affinity for New Zealand and would like to vacation there someday.)

My French is just good enough to read your comment! I'll look at your first post.