Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Monday's homework was to make a boomerang from scratch.

I've always been attracted to boomerangs because they fly away and then, mysteriously, circle back. They remind me of karma.

Following the instructions on this page, I made a couple of boomerangs that worked surprisingly well. On Monday morning I showed the students how to make one and how to toss it so that it will land pretty close to your feet.

I gave the students this page as a starting point. It's from a book by Jill Hauser. Link.
Some years ago I met Jill who has written a gajillion books for kids and teachers.

Come Tuesday morning, a number of boomerangs came into class. The earliest students were allowed to let 'em fly, but by the time half the class had arrived we put them away for a 9:00 fly off.

I promised that I'd feature the winner of the contest here on the blog, so here it is held proudly by its owner, Belle:

Even with a good toss, this boomerang flew back close to my feet.


Culmom37 said...

Belle was so proud! Thank you for posting this so I can share it with the rest of her family, her Uncle for sure!!!!

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Yes, tell Uncle. He made her a good one!