Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures from the Apple Blossom Parade

My wife and I rode our bikes in the Apple Blossom Parade and saw some old friends. We got a chance to take photos of some of the Dunham folks there:

Waiting for the parade to begin, I ran into fire fighter Joe Petersen,
a member of my first kindergarten class in 1981. For as long as I can

remember Joe wanted to grow up to be a fire fighter, like his dad.
He did.

Under the pink visor is Elisabeth, now in first grade.
She grew up around the corner from me.
Elisabeth's grandfather taught first grade for both of my children.
Inspecting her elbow is Elisabeth's little sister Charlotte, a future kindergartener.

Kellie and Christie, former kindergarten students of mine, now all grown up.
They're cousins of Joe Petersen the firefighter.

This is the Sebastopol World Friends entry.
With banner are Mollie, Heather, Chelsea.
On the truck behind are Kate
and moms Joan and Brenda.
My whole family visited Japan one at a time as part of this program.

Fifth grader Shane and first grader Trevor Seibold came, too.

Towards Summer

Seven days ago
A month since Spring equinox
Arctic air swept in.

Scott's farm newsletter
Told of frost-nipped squash the day
Before yesterday.

Summer weather crashed
Our Apple Blossom Festival
Straw hats, halter tops
And this kindergarten year
Starts to wiggle like a tooth.


Culmom37 said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time at the parade while spending it with some wonderful people! What a great way to spend a Sunny Saturday!

James Gurney said...

It's amazing that you've stayed in touch with so many of your former students. How cool that one of them actually became a fireman! It must be fun to imagine what sort of adults your current crop will become. Have you had any "grandstudents" yet—-children of former students?

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Oh, yes, each year I have some grandstudents. I end up feeling a lot like a grand parent around them.

When people ask me when I plan to retire, I tell them before I get any great-grandstudents.

poncia5 said...

loose teeth always made me a little nervous and anxious as a child, funny how the feeling seems to be the same as an adult... sometimes loosing things is bitter sweet, even when it's kindergarten. watching your child pass another "experience", or milestone in their lives is somewhat emotional, both good and sad..