Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Liberal Arts Education

These days you don't hear much about a liberal arts education.

A broad liberal arts education makes the world more interesting and larger. It helps the person who's got one see beneath the surface of things.

A good kindergarten program is a good beginning in the quest of gaining a liberal arts education. You do some singing, some dancing, some sculpture, some painting, some literature, some science and some history. You gain an appreciation for the entire world around you. If you keep at it long enough, it makes you a wonderful human being.

My brother Jim has been educating himself his whole life. In fact years ago he was quoted in LIFE magazine as "wanting to re-enroll in kindergarten."

You can tell by reading his blog. He knows his roots. Last Sunday he posted about visiting the zoo. He drew portraits of gorillas.

It's a most memorable post, and I encourage you to go there now and have a look.


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