Monday, March 10, 2008

First Homework

Tonight is the first night of homework.

Course I forgot to pass it out and didn't remember until about half of the class had already gone home.

So, just in case you stop by the blog, you can click on a picture of the homework and go from there. It works. Just click.

And if you want to share how many doors, just post a comment. It's easy. Just choose a name and write in.

I'll show you. I'll leave a comment on my own newsletter. I'll call myself Anonymous by clicking on that button, but I'll sign at the bottom. And I'll leave a comment.

You can do it, too. I think it will be fun to see answers appear online.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to pass out the homework!! Maybe someone will remind me tomorrow. I look forward to seeing your answers online.

--Mr. Gurney (really)

Anonymous said...

I counted lots of doors. I will show you tomorrow. And I will remind you about the homework passing.

sammy michael morgan

Culmom37 said...

Belle's Homework

House Doors.....3
People Doors....5
Pet Doors.......1
Closet Doors....4
Cupboard Doors..12
Car Doors.......4
Other Doors.....6
Total Doors.....35

This is where I tell you that I feel, as the mom, like I can't even do Kindergarten homework!!!! I think I was reading the questions too closely, such as, "Is a closet door just the bedroom doors or does it include the hallway?"! So, Belle and I did the best we could! Thankfully we are not being graded on accuracy.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Egads! I'm doing my own homework!!!!

At Chez GurneySebastopol,

House doors: 3

People doors inside: 9

Pet doors: 0

Closet doors: 8

Cupboard doors: 24

Car doors: 12

Total doors: 56

Culmom, no worries, part of the fun is to interpret the questions. The kind of thinking you did, "Is this a closet door?" is the kind of thinking I hope everyone does.

Do you have a doll house with doors? Would you count them? Perhaps there is a large cabinet in your house with a door. Should you count that? There's really no right answer; only YOUR answer.

Hey, Sammy, thanks for reminding me tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

House Doors 4
people doors 5
pet doors 0
closet doors 3
cupboard doors 0 (kaden will explain this)
car doors 4
other doors 2

total doors 18

Kaden has to go to sleep now - way past his bedtime, but really wanted to do his homework - this is lots of fun.

Kaden says that he wants to do bikes everyday. That's all folks.

The Foxes