Monday, February 18, 2008

So, if I turn off the TV, what can I do?

Come to the bike races in Santa Rosa.

In 20 minutes my wife and I are going to hop on our bikes and pedal over there to see the pros zoom around downtown Santa Rosa on their racing bikes.

True, I'm not a fan of bike racing or any professional sports, actually. I like bikes, though.

On race day, the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition provides free bike valet parking (you check your bike like a coat at a fine restaurant—I've done that once!). No worries about locks, bike theft or any of that.

I'll be wearing sunscreen, a long sleeve yellow t-shirt, and my big straw lifeguard hat.

If you see us, say hi!

1 comment:

lisajeanne said...

We were there also, Daven raced in the kids race. Wish we'd seen you, it sure was fun!!!! A little cold, but good clean, no TV involved, fun.