Monday, February 25, 2008

Blessed Sunshine

The yellow tables got time outdoors today. What splendid late morning sunshine!

Aden adds litter to the plastic box in the basket.
It was surprisingly difficult to find litter even after many days of being indoors.
What little we could find we picked up.


SDE said...

Every day, I walk while the kids ride their bikes. Today, on our outing, Patrick noticed some trash. He said that we wanted to start picking up trash on our walks/bike rides.

I thought we'd start tomorrow. Then I realized that I had an extra bad with me. So Patrick rode back to the piece of paper he had first noticed. He was so excited to put it in our trash bag.

We started filling the bag with an unbelievable amount of trash. We had to wait until we came upon a trash can to empty it before we could pick up more trash. Even though we still left more for tomorrow and then some we picked up an amazing 164 pieces of trash today.

Thank you for giving us the idea to help make our walks prettier and more rewarding.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...


What's great about your story is that you got started right now. There's a universe of difference between getting started tomorrow and getting started today.

164 pieces! Yeah for you, yeah for Patrick!