Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday's Tip for Teachers

My Tuesday's tip for teachers is: Bring your digital camera to school.

I left mine home today. My intention tomorrow is to bring the camera so that I can put up some pictures tomorrow. I'm also planning to bring my video cam corder, the first step in getting some video up here.

Room 2 News

If I had remembered to bring my camera today, I could have shared a photo of our first P.E. lesson with Ms. Campbell this morning. She's already learned everyone's names and taken us through our first lesson. She'll be back twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) to enhance the kindergarten P.E. lessons. I really welcome this support, as I believe that P.E. lessons are valuable not only because they're good for the body, but also because well-taught P.E. lessons build character and teamwork. I'll try to post pictures of Ms. Campbell's Friday lesson.

KIDS Program
Look for a note that I will send home tomorrow about the KIDS program. It will tell you which week your child is scheduled to participate. Sign and return if you wish to take advantage of KIDS.

Felt Board Chicken Little
Using a felt board, I told the story of Chicken Little to the class today. It's amazing how captivating low tech felt finger puppets can be in these post modern times. The class was completely rapt.

Ask your child to retell the story of the hen who thought that the sky was falling. What made her think that the sky was falling? (A horse ran by and a pebble hit CL on the head.) What did she do? Whom did she tell? One of the farm animals needed extra reassurance. Who was that? (The sheep) Who told Chicken Little that everything would be OK? (The farmer)

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poncia5 said...

funny you should mention the fact that Ms. Campbell has already learned everyones names, it is one of the FIRST things i noticed today when i picked up olivia, she also has already learned most of the kids names in other classes as well. i was in the kitchen this am after centers correcting 2nd grade homework for my sons class and noticed her calling the kids by name she was working with at that time!! thats a job... excited about p.e. !!!