Monday, January 21, 2008

Red Grammer

Dan Gurney, aka "Mr. Kindergarten" with Red Grammer January 19, 2008

If you've stuck around to hear me and Fred sing on Thursday mornings, chances are you can remember hearing us sing in two-part harmony one of our favorite songs, "I Think You're Wonderful" by Red Grammer. The chorus goes like this:

I think you're wonderful
When somebody says that to me
I feel wonderful, as wonderful can be.
It makes me want to say
The same thing to somebody new
And by the way, I've been meaning to say,
I think you're wonderful, too.

This song, like practically all of his songs, is not only musically satisfying, especially as sung in his stunning tenor voice, but generously infused with his human values. Red's children's music is consistently positive and upbeat.

At the California Kindergarten Conference last weekend, Red provided the after dinner entertainment. He sang for about 90 minutes, just Red and his guitar, with a little help from the audience from time to time. He sang a number of songs from "Be Bop Your Best,"his newest CD emphasizing positive values like responsibility, perserverance, and kindness.

You can see an online video of Red singing here. There's other stuff on this website for kids, too.

After the concert Red stayed to talk to fans, me among them (I was the last to leave.) We chatted quite a while and I thought to get a photo to share with you.

Red, I think YOU'RE wonderful.


culmom37 said...

How wonderful that you were able to stay and chat with someone you respect and pay tribute to everytime you sing his songs. He must have felt very special. What a nice picture.

Earl & Vickie said...

Since I found your blog, I've been enjoying reading back through it. I LOVE Red Grammer's music. His "Teaching Peace" album rocks. I took the song "See Me Beautiful" and put a bunch of pictures of kids at our school doing various things, work and play, to it. And yes I put some of the ones that are harder to love in there. The principal showed it at our opening staff meeting at the beginning of this year. It really moved some of the teachers.