Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hand 'em a Pencil

Along about January many kindergartners are ready to do some writing of their own. They're launched into author land with just a little nudge to use the sight words they are learning to read (words such as "I" and "like").

Today's writing center — a table full of boys — produced three short works of nonficition shown here.

Superheroes figure importantly in boys' imaginations. Clayton likes Spiderman.

Love of siblings is among my favorite sentiments.
Here Henry writes about his baby sister, Abigail about whom we often sing.
Look in the left corner of the photo here, and you'll see Abigail and Ty helping her.

And Aden likes his brother, Noah, in second grade.

The prize for the year's first bullseye is being mentioned online. Congratulations, Elias!

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