Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice: Guide to Mr. Kindergarten

In just a few hours the sun will begin its trek to the north. I like to use this occasion to reflect on New Years resolutions and think about what I intend for the months ahead.

In regard to this newsletter, I'm planning to shape it by giving it themes for each day of the week. That way my various audiences can skip over posts that aren't of interest to them. Here's the plan — subject to alterations — as best I can see it now:

Sunday Soapbox
Sundays I will give myself permission to go a little off-topic (kindergarten) to (usually) talk about society at large as it may affect my students when they come of age. If you find off topic discussions irritating, skip Mr. Kindergarten on Sundays.

Monday's Miscellaneous Musings
A catch-all day. Or a day off.

Tuesday's Tips for Teachers
We're all teachers, really, so this may be of interest for everyone. But I'll address my comments and observations to fellow teachers of young children on Tuesdays.

Wednesday's Web of Wisdom
I often run across website or quotations that I think are of particular value. This is the day I'll share them.

Thursday's Room 2 Review
This is the day I'll post news from the classroom. This day will be of particular interest to parents in this year's class.

Friday's Facebook
Fridays I'll share pages from our Important Book. Together with Thursday's post, this will approximate the paper edition of the "Kindergarten News" that used to come home in the Friday folders.

Saturday's Soundabet Salon
Here I'll discuss the Soundabet. I'll talk about its development and especially share ideas about how I use it to help teach reading.

So that's the plan. I will abandon it whenever I feel there is good reason to do so.

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