Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursdays with Fred

When people share a song, they connect. I'm not sure exactly how or why, but I can feel everyone get closer, more in sync. I sang an Irish birthday song for my sister's 50th birthday party. Months later, she wrote to tell me that the memory still brings tears to her eyes.

In kindergarten we must connect with each child's heart and bring at least a ray of happiness.

So we greet each day with a song.

Thursday mornings, Fred brings his guitar and joins in. Making homemade music is important to Fred. He's good at it, and over the years I've known him, he's gotten better, more confident. So have I. Fred sings harmony. I sing the melody, with the kids. We sound good singing all together. I sing better when Fred's with us. The class sings better, too. We draw a little crowd of parents as they drop off their kids in the morning. I joke with Fred about putting an open guitar case in front of us and throwing a few dollars in, just to see what happens.

Fred started volunteering when his oldest daughter, Loren, now in fifth grade, was in kindergarten. Two years later, when his second daughter, Robin, started kindergarten, Fred began to bring his guitar to school so he could sing with me in the front of the room.

He likes singing with us so much that he asked if he could come back to kindergarten even though his own kids have grown up and out of kindergarten. "Sure," I said, "I'd love it. Come as often as you like."

He comes Thursday mornings. I look forward to Thursday mornings. So does Fred.


binney said...

What a great gift to your students, and what fun for you. I believe they use music extensively at the Kindergarten level in China and other cultures.

It would be really cool if you could upload a video of one of your songs so we can see and hear you.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Hi Binney,

That's a good idea. I'll do that before too long. You Tube.


hmartin said...

We LOVE Thursdays too! THANK YOU Fred!!