Monday, December 3, 2007

Names on the Board

If kindergarten were as it ought to be, students' most urgently felt needs would be met. Students — and their teachers — would want to come to school every day.

It would be exaggerating to say that every student in my kindergarten likes school that much. Some do, though. As for me, I wake up happy on school days.

Parents sometimes tell me that when their child gets sick, he or she will resist staying home. Students want to come to kindergarten.

We put absentees names on the board. They're not in trouble; we just miss them. The photo shows the names of Friday's absentees.

Putting absentee names on the board serves 5 purposes.

1. It helps us wish wellness to the absent children.

2. It gives us the opportunity to write — and discuss the spelling oddities — of students' names.

3. It helps me keep track of how many students I've got that day.

4. It gives me a tangible card to hand to students when they return to class; and,

5. It gives us occasion to express our happiness at their return.


binney said...

What a great idea. It makes the group attending class mindful of the missing member. And the absentee knows he or she is recognized. I can see why no one would want to miss a day of school.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Thanks for saying so, Binney. I'm glad you like the idea.