Monday, December 10, 2007

Mr. Gurney's Kindergarten -- Ha!

It's easy to call it "Mr. Gurney's Kindergarten," but I do not see the classroom as mine. It is really a treasure we all share and make happen together.

Friday a key helper — my instructional assistant, Mrs. Frech — was ill. The school could not find a substitute for her.

Mrs. Bates, Madison and Bud's grandma, filled in for Mrs. Frech till mid morning. Other parents stepped in, too. Everything went smoothly enough. We got the day done. Thank goodness for parent volunteers. Still, I missed the countless ways Mrs. Frech subtly intervenes to keep students safe, happy, and kind to each other. When she's not working with students, Mrs. Frech makes sure that all the materials we need for an activity or lesson are close at hand and ready to go. She's so good, she makes it look easy, but it's anything but easy.

(As a side note, my wife came by the school Friday to drop off my camera. Several of the students were surprised to meet her. They thought that Mrs. Frech is my wife! Don't believe everything you hear about kindergarten from your kids.)

Today I had to take an emergency phone call. Mrs. Frech found a copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon and read it to the class. Masterfully. A minute later I came back and found the class listening with rapt attention. I got my camera out and snapped this picture.

Thank you, Mrs. Frech!


culmom37 said...

Mrs. Frech is a wonderful addition to the classroom and I feel so lucky to have her help teach my child. Thank you Mrs. Frech and Mr. Gurney!

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

You're welcome!

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