Thursday, December 13, 2007


One of the boys in my class has a big sister in third grade. Third grade has a much loved classroom pet, a guinea pig named Marshmallow. This family of four, sister, brother, mom, and dad took care of Marshmallow over the summer vacation.

Marshmallow is ailing. This family took Marshmallow to a veterinarian who said that the necessary surgery would be expensive, more than it would cost to replace the guinea pig.

The family was prepared to pay, after all, they informed the veterinarian, "Marshmallow is a classroom pet."

With that, the vet said, "I don't charge for classroom pets. The surgery will be free."


Jim G. said...

Good will is contagious!

Fred said...

Hi Dan,
Not lurking, just waiting until I had the time to go through the site and read it all (though I did go on that initial day just to see the photo and read that days post). Since it's raining today there's no work for me, hence today was a great day for aimless internet wanderings. Made it to your brothers link for a cursory look as well, but did spend the time to read his post regarding you. Chose the Marshmallow post to comment on because it brought a tear to my eye.