Sunday, December 30, 2007

Human Buyings

Sunday Soapbox

I’ve never understood the concept of “retail therapy.” When I look up at shoppers’ faces, especially in corporate big box stores, I see grimaces—desperate, harried, and sometimes even morose. Very few shoppers, clerks, shelf stockers, or managers radiate relaxation or happiness.

It feels good when you stop.

If shopping has any therapeutic value it must be like medieval monks' self mortification: it feels good when you stop.

Your kindergartner may have come under the spell of those who want to sell stuff. Caught consumerism from the corporations.

But you’ve got more magic than any TV program. You’re alive.

Spend time with your child and pay attention. It’s all you really need to make your child happy. No store sells your time and attention. Truth is, stores steal it.

So. Let’s stop shopping so much. Instead, make a cup of tea, find a curb or a rock in the sun, and sit down there, outdoors, with your kid. Breathe. Smile. Put your arm around your kid. Ask some questions. Listen. Ask some more questions. Sing. Point out something alive there with you. A bug. A bird. A weed. A tree. There is real magic in everything alive.

You’re not a human BUYing: you’re a human BEing.

When you’ve got 21 minutes to look at an online video check this out:

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